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Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 4, 2016

[Magento 2 Tutorials]Banner Slider Extension on Magento 2 - Best way to capture the eyes of visitors!

Magento 2 Banners Extension - best way to capture the eyes of visitors!
First time in the market, Magento 2 Banner Slider is upgraded to be compatible with Magento 2.
Magento 2 Banners will help you easily manage the banner and show the banner at frontend to attract your customer's most attention. It will make your store catchy and more inviting.
The demo is worth thousands of words, so please click on the demo links below & discover by yourself !

Why is banner slider important to you?

Banner slider gives you a very attractive position for advertisement. All the banners are placed on the top of the site and easily to be seen with banner slider. So you should base on this feature to get suitable advertising campaign. Although position of banner is good, you need to have the best settings to get the best results. Remember that the average person needs to see an ad 5-7 times before clicking it. 70%+ of the sales are made on the 5th contact.

Make at least 3 good looking banners. This will create more awareness and your ads will be seen more often, if you have 5 ads rotating they will definitely get more views in a shorter time frame than just one, also the banners being different from each other creates the illusion as if several person are promoting the same product which increases your results even higher.

  • Easy to upload image for banner

  • Add content text to banner (allow to use html code)

  • Choose position of content text (top, right, bottom, left, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, middle ...

  • Easy to add button and link to banner
  • Choose effect on mouse-over on banner (included 11 effects, continued to update in future)

  • Add custom class to banner (help you style the banners as you want)
  • Admin can check live preview while changing the content of banner

  • You can add banner everywhere at frontend using banner widget

Magesolution‘s team is always beside you and support 24/7 when you need the helps !
What do you think of our new Banner Magento 2 extension? So cool, right?  We’d love to hear your thoughts ! Please share with us in the comment section below and keep in touch with latest our Magento 2 extension and Magento 2 themes!

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