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Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 4, 2016

[Magento 2 Tutorials] Banners and the Banner Rotator Widget

Banners are a generally new CMS feature of Magento Enterprise Edition that permit administrators to create, organise and display promotional content. In the past, this requirement was often addressed by manually creating static blocks and customising a site's layout. By using banners and the banner rotator widget, you can now make substance and after that control precisely how and where it is appeared on your site in a much simpler way.

Banners are a kind of CMS content. Like blocks and pages, at their core they comprise of a WYSIWYG text editor field that permits you to enter your own content. Banners contrast from the other CMS content types by having extra options that control how and when they are shown. To create a new banner, go to CMS → Banners from the admin panel and click the “Add Banner” button.

The Banner Rotator Widget

Banners on their own are a useful tool, and associating them with a client segment or promotion permits genuinely particular control over where a banner appears based on a client's actions. If you want to use banners as component of the layout of your site, in any case, you need to add a new element - the banner rotator widget. This widget permits you to place a particular set of banners in specific places on your site, much like a CMS block.

Note that if you have only selected a single banner, it doesn't make a difference what you set this to. While it is possible to do something comparative using CMS static blocks and the layout system, banners give a more adaptable method for managing promotional elements on your site. Banner rotators allow fine control over where and when banners are shown without needing to add custom code, making things easier to use and maintain.

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