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Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 4, 2016

[Magento 2 Tutorials] What can you do with a Banner Rotator Widget?

A banner rotator can be used to show a single banner, or multiple banners in a particular sequence or irregular order. The following banner in the sequence shows up when the page is refreshed. As a widget, the banner rotator can be assigned to a particular page, item, or category, and placed most anyplace in your store. Likewise, a banner rotator can be connected with a particular shopping cart or catalog rule.

As an option, you can also use a jQuery slider or carousel that changes images consequently, similar to the one on the home page of the Magento demo store. There is a wide variety of jQuery sliders accessible on the web, and numerous are free. To add a slider to your store, first create a static block. Follow the slider instructions to add the jQuery code to the block. At that point, use the Widget tool to put the static block where you want it to show up in your store.

 How to create a Banner Rotator

Step 1: Create the Individual Banners
Create the individual banners that you want to include in the rotator.

Step 2: Create a Widget Instance
Follow the basic steps to create a widget.
Choose "Banner Rotator" as the type of widget.
Specify the page and location where it belongs. (See Banner Layout Update Options)
Choose the template to be used.
Step 3: Configure the Banner Rotator
1.      If necessary, select CMS > Widgets, and click to open the banner rotator that you created in the previous step.
2.      In the left panel, click Widget Options to configure the banner. Then, do the following:
2.1.Set Banners to Display to “Specified Banners.
2.2.(Optional) To limit the banner to a certain section of the store, set Restrict by Banner Types to the section where you want it to appear.
2.3.In the Rotation Mode list, select one of the following:
2.3.1.      Do not rotate, display all at once
2.3.2.      One at a time, Random
2.3.3.      One at a time, Series
2.3.4.      One at a time, Shuffle
3.      To specify the banners you want to include, do the following:
3.1.In the Specify Banners section, click the Reset Filter button to list all the available banners. You can also use the search filters to find the banners you want to include.
3.2.Select the checkbox of each banner you want to include in the rotator.
3.3.To set the sequence of each banner in relation to the others, enter a number in the Positioncolumn. If you wan the banner to appear in the first position, enter the number 1.
4.      When complete, click the Save button.

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