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MGS Community for Themes/ Extensions support
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Thứ Hai, 4 tháng 4, 2016

[Magento 2 Tutorials] Tips when lauching Magento 2.0 Extensions: #3 PASS THE TECHNICAL & MANUAL REVIEWS

Tip #3: Pass the Reviews

As a major aspect of the Magento Marketplace accommodation handle, every extension or theme will go through an automated Technical Review for written falsification, security and code guidelines.
Likewise, all suppliers will go through a manual Business Review directed by the Magento Marketplace team. This manual review will concentrate on guaranteeing all suppliers submit required business data for streamlined transactions, and also for adherence to general promoting rules for item depictions, graphics and data to guarantee great client experiences. The manual survey will check that the extension offers genuine usefulness improvements to Magento merchants, too.

Some extra tips from world esteemed developers:

“Naturally, when building out any new technology or plugin, the documentation and its clarity is of highest importance. Technical guidelines are especially crucial when an extension is being developed to fit a specific platform, more so when the product has the potential to be deployed across tens of thousands of unique sites each with their own unique code.  While writing our extension, we were constantly in touch with the product, project and development managers at Magento to ensure that we deliver the absolute best experience to the merchant, but more importantly, to their end user, the client.”  Celebros 

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