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MGS Community for Themes/ Extensions support
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Thứ Hai, 31 tháng 10, 2016

Magento Product Images Full Features List

Magento Product Images Promotion is a social networking extension that allows customers and users to take part in the pictures contest rated by Facebook Like system, voting, adding comments by Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail

  • Customers login and go to Product Images Promotion link items to manage
  • Customers can upload pictures using Ajax uploader with a progress bar. After uploading successfully, customer can add title, descriptions of picture

  • Customers can crop images using tool developed by Jcrop Javascript
  • Customer can edit/delete pictures from list
  • Customer can make picture as featured image

  • Customer can change avatar picture, user name
  • Customer can withdraw from the contest
  • All pictures are shown with Grid and some sort by options


Administrator can access to Mage Solutions -> Product Images promotion at Admin Navigation bar. It will have 3 items with All pictures, All winners and Setting
At All pictures tab : include all pictures to present
  • Allow admin to set status for pictures such as: Approved, Denied, Removed

  • Admin can send email to user to notify user’s pictures status changes
  • Allow admin to set winner for pictures, send email notification to customer
  • Allow admin to set up coupon code and send email to customer

At All Winners tab allow admin to see and manage all winners
Include current winner block: picture, username, number of likes by facebook
List winners: admin can sort, filter....
At Setting tab allow admin to update setting options for the extension
  • Allow admin to update Facebook configuration with App Id/API Key, facebook comments, facebook number posts
  • Allo Admin to enable/disable the extension, update descriptions for this extension
  • Allow admin to change URL of the extesion for example: you can change to xxx-xxx, you can change it in "Route to Images Promotion" field
  • Allow admin to set up Image zoon funtion options
  • Allow admin to update page title, meta keyworks and meta descriptions for the extension
  • Allow admin to update some others options: Width, heigh of main image, featured image.....


Product images promotion - main page : show short descriptions, upload image button, monthly winners and show all pictures in Grid with a lot of options for sort by.For each picture, visitors can vote, Like by facebook and add comments using Facebook, AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail

Customer page : show detail of customer and show all customer's images in Grid with a lot of sort by options

Picture detail page : show picture in detail and users can vote/add comments/like by facebook, show all comments of the picture
Winner Picture detail page : show winnder picture in detail and users can vote/add comments/like by facebook. Show customer of this winner picture. Show all other pictures of current customer.

  • Allow to show voting results and short descriptions of the picture in Google search engine and other search engine
  • 100% open source and easy to install, configure
  • HTML/ CSS and W3C validation

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