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MGS Community for Themes/ Extensions support
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Thứ Năm, 17 tháng 3, 2016

[Magento2Tutorials] Free Magento Themes

What do you think about Free Magento Themes?

There are some really evident points of interest of utilizing a free Magento themes:
  • It’s free  – This one is an easy decision, you don't have to put any cash in it.
  • It’s fast  – You don’t need to wait for it to be done, you simply download it and use it.
  • It works  – Most of the free Magento themes work just fine with Magento out of the box.
Nonetheless, frankly, I trust the cons of having a free Magento topic give you
  • It’s unprofessional – A guest (your potential purchaser) may understand you're utilizing a free theme. This will make him wonder, would he be able to truly believe your site? Is it a genuine organization remaining behind this online store? Will I truly give my Mastercard to these guys? They most likely aren't a genuine organization on the off chance that they don't have cash for the configuration that fits their organization's character.
  • There might be no support – In the case of something turns out badly, there may be nobody to help you. Magento can change a considerable measure at overhaul and a few topics may begin demonstrating blunders.
  • There might be no support for new features – Magento is continually creating ecommerce stage and new components will dependably be exhibited. A percentage of the free formats won't not stay aware of Magento's advancement and you'll wind up without the capacity to utilize a portion of the cool new elements that took off, wile your rivals with hand craft will have this point of preference.
  • The free theme probably isn’t really optimized for best conversion rate – Some free themes are finished in view of change rates, be that as it may, the transformation rate advancement ordinarily relies on upon your corner and focused on group of onlookers. An outline and format that works for a specific organization won't not be so great in changing over guests into deals in your corner.

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