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MGS Community for Themes/ Extensions support
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Thứ Sáu, 18 tháng 3, 2016

[Magento2Tutorials] Tips when lauching Magento 2.0 Extensions: #1 SURVEY THE LANDSCAPE

Tip #1: Survey the Landscape
As you organize extensions to port to Magento 2.0, survey the landscape to recognize zones of chance to extend your business. Make sure to see what's as of now accessible on Magesolution and assess the crevices.

Some extra tips from world esteemed developers:
“Navigate to Magesolution and search for the existing solutions that may be convenient in this case. Thoroughly check the functionality of the extensions and it may be that some particular features and functionality are missing in the existing extensions. Often, clients come to us saying that they found an extension that lacks some particular functionality and they ask if we can add it. Listen to such requests and it may be a great help in finding the idea for a new extension.” - BelVG
“The biggest thing for us in launching a Magento 2.0 extension was first understanding the merchant opportunity or pain point we are solving. Magento merchants have such a breadth of customization options at their fingertips, the biggest tip I can give any new developer is to understand how what you’re building fits into the larger Magento ecosystem." - Pixlee
For additional resources, please follow us. For any other questions please contact us: We look forward to working with each of you.

Returned next time for more tips on launching Magento 2.0 Extensions!

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